It’s not too late to book that flight to Brazil

There are 7 days until the Rio Olympic Games people.

To all you Aussies, that means you have exactly ONE WEEK to grab those swimmers, finish that sanger and chuck a extended/non-negotiable sicky.

And to everyone else… if I can successfully convince those stroppy surfies to book a flight, I certainly can convince you!

Aerial of Rio de JaneiroImage source: iStock

Understandably, the run-up to this year’s Olympics has been somewhat of a nightmare. The Zika virus has had everyone a bit nervous in their seats, and the crime wave has been incredibly high, and the economy is pretty, well… poor to put it politely.

However, if this is seriously enough to put you off experiencing one of THE BEST TIMES of your life, then what kind of reveller are you? Well; a somewhat sensible one,my Dad would say. And I applaud you for that. But, truth is – the amount of reported Zika virus cases have been down 93 percent in June from January, and the amount of police and soldiers employed to patrol the games have been upped enormously.

With this in mind, it is on upon my own expert advice that I say, Brazil is most definitely a good idea right now. Here’s why.


Colored ribbons in Bahia, Brazil
Image source: iStock

You know that person you invite to every party because you know they’re always a hoot?

No matter who else is there, they’ll rock up either (a) already drunk and ready to par-tay or (b) wearing the most ridiculous outfit just to break the ice of not knowing anyone. Well; Brazil is that friend. Brazil is the one that will not, under any circumstance, turn the music down or allow the mood get sour. Brazil, will explode before your eyes into colour, rhythm and electricity.


iStock_21543844_LARGE.jpg Image source: iStock

If there really is a God, he spent a hell of a lot of time working on Brazil. In fact, I’d go as far as to say, he spent at least 3 out of 6 days on South America as a whole. And you know that 7th day he apparently had off? Well, he may not have clock in the hours; but he definitely spent some time that day making Brazil exceptionally breathtaking.

Brazil boasts an extremely diverse ecosystem that’s legendary in scope. Its white, sandy, palm-fringed beaches are to die for; not to mention its OTT list of canyons, forests, waterfalls and coral-fringed tropical islands to be explored. Brazil is simply beautiful. It is colourful, candid, and effervescent with sights, sounds and salsa.


Native Brazilian old women portraitImage source: iStock

You know when someone goes viral; like, the world’s hottest policeman or the world’s most beautiful woman? Well; I swear they’re always Brazillian. And I can tell you now – just like there’s no shortage of natural beauty within the Brazilian landscape, there’s definitely no shortage in natural beauty within the Brazilian human species either!

Looks aside, Brazilian people are generally an extremely warm, approachable and accepting bunch! Their culture is far less individualistic than others, meaning they focus far more on the social aspects of life. Brazilians are known for holding eye contact. It seems like a stupid thing to bring up, but you know a person is comfortable in their own skin when they can look at you in the eye, have a meaningful conversation with you (even if the language barrier is an issue) and make you feel worthy of their time.


Flags of countries of participants of the Winter Olympic games 2014 year

42 sport disciplines. 306 events. 37 venues. 206 countries participating. There are still loads of tickets available for the taking.
If you do travel to Brazil and decide to see some of the world’s best athletes on show, you can still buy tickets; it’s not too late. While a lot of first-round popular events have already sold out… for example the men’s first round of soccer – Iraq vs. Denmark and Brazil v.s South Africa (Ah, I’m getting excited already) there are still plenty of sessions to see.


Pelourinho in Salvador, Bahia

I know, crazy right? There are still lots of vacant listings on AirBnB, TripAdvisor and HomeStay for you to book in Rio de Janeiro!

Normally the worst part of hurriedly planning a holiday is trolling the net for a place to stay; fretting you’ll have to pitch a tent on one of Brazil’s many pristine beaches (sigh). Well, there’s still availability out there – so if that’s what’s holding you back, you can click “confirm” for that online plane ticket because you’re going baby!


If you want to go somewhere, go to Brazil. Go now.

Or tomorrow; just make sure it’s before the Olympics start on the 5th.

Brazil; alongside every other South American country we can think of, does something to the spirit. And if it embraces spirit without 206 countries coming together to celebrate sport, culture and life, then imagine what it will embody in a week’s time.


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