Oahu: by air

My previous post was full of pics of Hawaii’s Oahu, seen from my eyes as I stood on land. Below, are my favourite shots of the island from either tall buildings, or from a helicopter. A faded filter has been applied. Advertisements

Oahu: by land

Recently I travelled to Oahu, Hawaii. I took loads of pics – all of which I put a faded filter on. Stay tuned for my next post – Oahu: by air.

Millionaire’s Walk

Hats on, flats on… It’s time to go walking. Sorrento & Portsea, Australia If you’re after a truly breathtaking walk along cliff tops and lush green lawns, look no further than Sorrento and Portsea. The walk takes you over private jetties, through landscaped lawns and past some of the best real estate Mornington Peninsula, Australia…

Zakynthos: through the eyes of locals

Zakynthos is best seen through the lens of its locals. That’s why, the best advice toward travelling this Greek Ionian Island is to find that local and let them show you their island. Here is my local – Dimitri Therianos – an organic farmer and champion of ecotourism. I engaged with Dimitri on AirBnB when I was desperate to…

6 reasons Bhutan might be the world’s most liveable country

See this article featured on Intrepid Travel’s blog here In case you need a reminder that wealth does not necessarily equate to happiness, meet Bhutan… one of the happiest little vegemites on Earth. Dressed in a traditional knee length ‘gho’, Bhutan – if personified – would be the oriental friend you wish you always had. Bhutan would be interesting…